Hailey WAS HERE 2004/05/05 - 2015/04/20

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Our daughter Hailey was truly an angel on Earth & now in Heaven. She was our social butterfly; our mouse. A social butterfly because she would make friends wherever she went. It never failed. Nicknamed our ‘mouse’ because as a baby she’d squeak like a little mouse. Hailey was sweet & sassy, smart & outgoing, loving & affectionate, & so funny, with a smile that would light up the room. With that smile, she would convince us all of almost anything. She loved art, music, animals, mermaids, swimming, fashion & children but her biggest love of all was babies. The smaller the better. Surrounded by a family full of kids, Hailey always had a baby or toddler in tow. In her arms, on her hips or on her lap; her strength to hold & carry them, her love & patience was admired by all. We always thought she'd either be a teacher or have many kids when she grew up. Hailey is the middle of two sisters; Kayla, our oldest & Isabelle, our youngest. They had & will always have a tremendous bond because a love like that, never dies. We will always be thankful for the 10 years & 11 months Hailey was with us. To quote her grandmom, "At 10, she experienced more love than most do in a lifetime." She left us at 10 years old from a late diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes & DKA, while overseas on a family vacation, passing away just 24 hours after being diagnosed- just two weeks before her 11th birthday. We confused her symptoms with altitude sickness. Prior to the trip, she showed no extreme symptoms. We did notice she was thirstier than usual, but she had just joined a running club at school. She seemed to be going through a growth spurt as well, growing taller & thinner. But we had no idea, that in just a couple of weeks, our baby girl would be gone. It happened that fast. We have made a promise to Hailey to share our story in her honor & hopefully save lives, because more education & awareness is needed. Symptoms of Type 1 diabetes include: extreme thirst & frequent urination, weight loss, weakness or fatigue, vomiting, mood changes, etc. Knowing these symptoms may save a life. Hailey would would be turning 15 this May 5th, but instead she's forever 10. This legacy page is being written in her memory, not just as the girl who passed away from Type 1 diabetes, because she was so much more than that. She was a beautiful gift to us all that we will never forget. Happy birthday in heaven our angel.
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