Wyatt WAS HERE 2007/01/30 - 2017/04/05

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Wyatt Shane was born on 1-30-2007 he was the youngest of 6 children he had big dimples and a precious smile he was a brainer like his mom and was always good in school he loved doing his youtube channel and playing video games he loved to go fishing and camping and riding his bike He was my best friend in the world we were just as close as a father and son could be i dont think theres one day that we didnt hug and say i love you , he wanted to grow up and be a computet programmer or a graphic artist , he was and still is my precious angel and light in this dark world . on april 5th 2017 Wyatt passed away from undiagnozed type 1 diabetes he had gotten a stomache bug from school and stayed home we had a doctors appoinment for him the next morning but he never woke up it took us awhile from the reports to learn what had happened just the night before he got sick we had eaten pizza and watched a movie and he wad riding his bike all over the neighborhood , none of Wyatts older brother or sisters have any form of diabetes nor does his mom or dad (me) or none of his ancestors on either side far back as we can trace . at his school they had a bench made on the playground and put a plac on the back with his name they had a huge ceremony dedicating it to him this last year . He will be missed every milisecond until we see him again Life without him in it is the toughest soul shredding thing i will ever endure . we all Love and misss you my beautiful Wyatt Shane . love Dad
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