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Survivor’s Guilt: Losing My Brother to DKA

WRITTEN BY: KATIE LESLEY I was diagnosed with T1D when I was eight years old. I was about to attend a new school, and within the last few weeks of summer, I found myself learning to dose a medication responsible for being my lifeline. This diagnosis meant injecting needles I’d hope wouldn’t hurt every single […]

Travis Was Here

WRITTEN BY: Kelly Stelzer July 23, 2006 would be the last day I saw my youngest brother Travis. Six days later he passed away from complications of Diabetes, hypoglycemia to be specific. This is the story of my ongoing journey through the grieving process. My brother Travis always had a smile on his face and […]

My Brother Died from DKA

WRITTEN BY: Katie Lesley I believe that generally, there is still a lot of confusion about Type 1 diabetes. There are many common misunderstandings, like it was caused by a bad habit (we ate too much sugar), or is an automatic diagnosis if a grandmother had some form of diabetes, often pronounced “diabeetus.” My own […]