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Rare Until It Happens To You: The Kycie Terry Story

WRITTEN BY: JORDAN JENDRICKS Jamie Terry doesn’t know what exactly it is about her daughter that resonates so deeply with people. But there’s something about the combination of her curly blond hair, striking blue eyes, and the circumstances around her unfortunate and preventable death that have incredible staying power, inspiring countless others to action. “There have been […]

Survivor’s Guilt: Losing My Brother to DKA

WRITTEN BY: KATIE LESLEY I was diagnosed with T1D when I was eight years old. I was about to attend a new school, and within the last few weeks of summer, I found myself learning to dose a medication responsible for being my lifeline. This diagnosis meant injecting needles I’d hope wouldn’t hurt every single […]

From Coping to Healing (And Everything in Between) — An Interview with Michelle Bauer

Written by: Makaila Heifner If you ask us, Michelle Bauer is about as badass as you can get. An Iron Man competitor, a newly published author, and one of the biggest hearts in the diabetes community, she’s the definition of a game-changer. Michelle recently sat down with Beyond Type 1 to talk more about her […]

“Jesse Was Here (More Lasagna, Please): Feeding the Soul of a Grieving Mother” Book Review

WRITTEN BY: Todd Boudreaux I met Michelle Bauer in the fall of 2018 shortly after I began working at Beyond Type 1. I still remember our first phone conversation when she told me, “Go ahead and ask me anything you want, Todd – I don’t believe in avoiding the tough questions.” We were discussing Jesse […]

Four Years Later: Reflections on Losing Will

WRITTEN BY: Lyndall Hauver Before As I approach the four year anniversary of Will’s death, I find myself reflecting on what my life looks like now compared to before. I cannot emphasize that unless you are unfortunate enough to experience the loss of your child, or another important person in your life, you will never understand how […]

Will I Ever Be Me Again?

WRITTEN BY: Kathie Natzke A little more than a year ago, my son died unexpectedly. I’m sorry if that’s an abrupt way to start a story, but it was an abrupt way to start a day too. I had no control over what happened that day or in those first days and weeks that passed. I […]

Will Hauver’s Story

WRITTEN BY: Lyndall Hauver This is a story about an incredible 22-year-old. This young man was on the cusp of creating a life that would help change the world using his kindness, his pragmatism and his creativity. This path to an incredible life ended on February 2, 2015. This is a true story about Will, Type […]

A Mother’s Cautionary Tale

WRITTEN BY: Sara Weiss On a cold Saturday in January 2003, my 9-year old son, Jordan, slept over his friend’s house and they played basketball the next day with their team. On Monday, Jordan climbed the gym rope to the ceiling two times in a row. On Tuesday, I took him to his piano lesson […]

Previously Healthy

WRITTEN BY: Michelle Boise VIDEO: Casey Sjogren When I meet Darice Oxendine in her home, she holds two small shoes in her palms. The sneakers are white, rimmed in zebra print, the inside bright pink. I think of Hemingway’s one-line poem: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” But these shoes have been worn. The toes […]

12 Honest Answers about What Lies Ahead

WRITTEN BY: Michelle Page-Alswager When you landed in my shoes, you couldn’t possibly know or comprehend the sheer amount of pain and grief the human body can feel. But now, unfortunately, you do. After eight years of grieving my loss of my 13-year-old son, Jesse, I’ve put these words down for many parents who have […]