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The Jesse Was Here Community

The Jesse Was Here Community is a private digital platform created specifically to connect people who have lost someone to Type 1 diabetes.

The community can be accessed through a smartphone app. Download from the Apple Store here or Android here. It can also be accessed on a desktop browser at

The Jesse Was Here Community is moderated by other community members with the shared experience of loss. This is a new community that we are building together, and we appreciate your feedback in making it the best resource and support network it can be.

We welcome feedback at

In the Jesse Was Here Community you can:

  • Chat, message and build relationships with others who have lost
  • Share stories and find support and community
  • Navigate topics surrounding loss due to T1D and the grief that comes along with it that don’t have easy or obvious answers

We’re building relationships with each other and sharing information on topics such as:

  • When to seek professional help
  • How to plan a funeral and memorial
  • The tough questions like “How many kids do you have?”
  • Relationships after loss
  • Managing grief
  • Remembering the person you love

Rules of the Community

Be respectful.

By all means, share your point of view. Just please do so constructively and politely. The moderation team will delete abusive content or spam.

Don’t use anything you read in this community as a substitute for medical advice.

This is just a good idea for using the internet in general. Interested in our Terms of Use? Have a look at it anytime right here.

Avoid fundraising efforts or selling of goods or services in the community.

We want this to be a space for sharing stories and resources, not for solicitation or sales.