Losing Will Hauver

In late January I had heard from a few of his teammate’s parents that the flu was starting to circulate through the campus. I told Will to stay away from these kids, to get sleep and take vitamins — to take precautions to avoid getting the flu. He texted me Friday telling me not to worry — his friends did not have the flu, just a bad cold. He had a busy weekend of practice, work, and getting ready to leave Wednesday for their first weekend of games in North Carolina and Georgia. He was staying in for the Super Bowl to get stuff done.

Monday afternoon I received a call from a Baltimore friend whose son was Will’s roommate. She told me Will collapsed and was in route to the hospital. My husband and I got a flight, threw whatever in a bag and headed to the airport. On that drive to the airport, we called his roommates, his coach, the hospital, and no one would get back to us. The hospital had no record of Will being admitted, which meant they were still working on him. We knew.

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