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A Mother’s Cautionary Tale

WRITTEN BY: Sara Weiss On a cold Saturday in January 2003, my 9-year old son, Jordan, slept over his friend’s house and they played basketball the next day with their team. On Monday, Jordan climbed the gym rope to the ceiling two times in a row. On Tuesday, I took him to his piano lesson […]

Previously Healthy

WRITTEN BY: Michelle Boise VIDEO: Casey Sjogren When I meet Darice Oxendine in her home, she holds two small shoes in her palms. The sneakers are white, rimmed in zebra print, the inside bright pink. I think of Hemingway’s one-line poem: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” But these shoes have been worn. The toes […]

How to Set Up a Fundraising Page

Dealing with the emotional toll of a loved one going through health troubles or even losing a loved one is hard enough. Adding the money troubles that sometimes go hand and hand can be overwhelming and almost unbearable. If you are going through this, you might be considering using a fundraising page to cover medical […]

12 Honest Answers about What Lies Ahead

WRITTEN BY: Michelle Page-Alswager When you landed in my shoes, you couldn’t possibly know or comprehend the sheer amount of pain and grief the human body can feel. But now, unfortunately, you do. After eight years of grieving my loss of my 13-year-old son, Jesse, I’ve put these words down for many parents who have […]

The Importance of Finding A Community

WRITTEN BY: Michelle Bauer (Alswager) Eight years ago when my son passed away I remember one thing quite clearly. I needed desperately to speak to someone – and I mean ANYONE – who could even for a moment understand my exact feelings, emotions, grief and pain. As someone who has lost I’m sure you’ve reached […]

The 5 Stages of Grief

Grief is a normal, necessary, and cathartic emotion that we experience when going through tough times. Since grief is such a complex emotion, there isn’t just one state of grief – we feel many stages of grief as a way of processing traumatic experiences and loss. As defined in the Kubler-Ross model, people go through […]

I’d Give Up Forever To Touch You

WRITTEN BY: Michelle Bauer (Alswager) “I’d Give Up Forever To Touch You” –  (said the GooGoo Dolls) A reminder from a friend who saw my LinkedIn anniversary came up today as I was thinking of so many good – and bad – things in the d-world. Four years. Four since I started writing about points […]

Introducing Jesse Was Here – A Letter to the Type 1 Community

It is with great pride that we announce a very special Beyond Type 1 program today – Jesse Was Here. Supporting those navigating life after a Type 1 death, this unique program expands our efforts to a community often invisible, and cements our commitment to addressing all aspects of this disease, even the most challenging. […]

I Don’t Care that Your Cat Died – What Not to Say in Grief

WRITTEN BY: Michelle Bauer (Alswager) This is dedicated to all of the friends and family out there who mean well. We know you mean well – never doubt that for a second. But you need to understand that the person you are dealing with is living an emotional hell. There is no method to our […]

How You Can Help – The Friend’s & Family Guide

WRITTEN BY: Michelle Bauer (Alswager) As I drove the grueling 30 minutes from my meeting back to home where my world had ended, I can’t begin to explain the thoughts that ran through my head. There was a surreal thought process – it almost felt fake – like, you know when you just “try” to […]