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Will I Ever Be Me Again?

WRITTEN BY: Kathie Natzke A little more than a year ago, my son died unexpectedly. I’m sorry if that’s an abrupt way to start a story, but it was an abrupt way to start a day too. I had no control over what happened that day or in those first days and weeks that passed. I […]

Travis Was Here

WRITTEN BY: Kelly Stelzer July 23, 2006 would be the last day I saw my youngest brother Travis. Six days later he passed away from complications of Diabetes, hypoglycemia to be specific. This is the story of my ongoing journey through the grieving process. My brother Travis always had a smile on his face and […]

Join the Community App

The Jesse Was Here Community The Jesse Was Here Community is a private digital platform created specifically to connect people who have lost someone to Type 1 diabetes. The community can be accessed through a smartphone app. Download from the Apple Store here or Android here. It can also be accessed on a desktop browser […]

Counseling Help

The grief that follows the death of a loved one is one of the most painful things a human can experience. The range of emotions and the way in which we process loss is unique to every individual. Grief is a normal human experience when you lose something or someone you care about. People grieve […]

About Us

Jesse Was Here — a program of Beyond Type 1 — provides resources, support and tools for those navigating life after a Type 1 death. Here you will find: Resources for the early days, weeks and month — from planning a service or creating a memorial fund to thoughtfully removing your loved one from social media or explaining Type 1 to […]

Empty Heart; Empty Closets – Their Belongings

WRITTEN BY: Michelle Bauer (Alswager) The smell of dirty socks. Once something you complained about, asking your son to pick them up, get them to the laundry chute and maybe, just maybe learn to wash them. The used test strips. Littered throughout every room of the house, on the kitchen floor, found in suitcases and […]

Will Hauver’s Story

WRITTEN BY: Lyndall Hauver This is a story about an incredible 22-year-old. This young man was on the cusp of creating a life that would help change the world using his kindness, his pragmatism and his creativity. This path to an incredible life ended on February 2, 2015. This is a true story about Will, Type […]

What is Type 1 Diabetes and Why Are People Dying from It?

If your loved one or someone you know has passed away from Type 1 diabetes, it may have come as a shock to you. The majority of people who get Type 1 diabetes, don’t have a history of diabetes in their family and typically aren’t looking for it. It is important to understand what is […]

My Brother Died from DKA

WRITTEN BY: Katie Lesley I believe that generally, there is still a lot of confusion about Type 1 diabetes. There are many common misunderstandings, like it was caused by a bad habit (we ate too much sugar), or is an automatic diagnosis if a grandmother had some form of diabetes, often pronounced “diabeetus.” My own […]